Cookies policy

/ Updated on 10.08.2023

To provide a better experience when visiting and using our website, Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM), as manager of the website, makes use of cookies and similar technologies.

The cookies used by ANACOM are neither invasive nor harmful to the user and nor do they have any commercial purpose. However, you can always accept or refuse (default setting) optional cookies by selecting "Accept all cookies” or "Refuse non-essential cookies" in the message that appears to you when you visit our website.

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Your choice to accept or decline optional cookies is valid for 30 days. After that period, the message will be displayed again so that you can maintain or change your decision. However, both essential and optional cookies can always be deleted in your browser settings.

Essential or Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are essential because they are necessary to make the website work and keep it secure. They allow users to access resources such as their user profiles or areas of the website which are reserved for registered users. These cookies are not used to collect any information that could be used for marketing or advertising purposes. They do not provide information on which websites the user has visited.

These cookies are generally set subsequent to actions carried out by the user on the website and correspond to requests for services with the option of setting privacy preferences, opening a user session or completing forms.

Cookies of this type cannot be turned off and may be installed without the user’s consent because they are strictly necessary to the proper functioning of the website.

Optional Cookies

Optional Cookies are cookies which are not strictly necessary to the basic functioning of the website, but which enable additional resources and personalisation of the user experience. These cookies are generally used to collect information on users, such as their preferences, navigation habits and how they interact with the website.

ANACOM’s website only uses analytical and functional cookies:

Analytical Cookies: These cookies allow us to count the number of visitors to the website and obtain information on sources of traffic to our website. They allow us to assess and improve the website’s performance. They help us understand which pages are more and less popular with users and to understand how visitors to our website move through its content. All information collected using these cookies is aggregated and made anonymous. If you turn off these cookies, we won’t know that you have visited our website.

Functional Cookies: These cookies help improve the use and performance of the website. They support a range of functions. They allow users to access the website with certain predefined settings based on previously selected options.

The table below details the cookies used and their purpose:

Cookie Name


Expiry (persistent or session)




This cookie is a session identifier provided by the application server. Used to identify a user who has initiated a session.



This cookie is used to register users of online services. It is generated after a user logs in; it is transmitted by https and is used for authentication on these services and dependent applications. This cookie stores the session identifier which uniquely identifies the current user. This information is generated on ANACOM's server and does not contain any personal data of the user or information about the user's device.


30 days 

This cookie saves the options related to the use of necessary cookies.


30 days 

This cookie saves options related to the use of optional cookies.


Google Analytics - Universal Analytics

2 years

Used to distinguish visits and visitors


Google Analytics

30 mins from set/update

Used to determine a new or repeat visit


Google Analytics

End of the session in a browser

Used to determine a new or repeat visit


Google Analytics - Universal Analytics

10 minutes

Control the order rate for Google Analytics.

Para obter mais informações sobre cookies e a respetiva utilização, sugerimos que consulte o seguinte link: All About Cookies