Portuguese Committee of URSI: call for papers and prizes - entries close 12.10.2014 Responses to the call for papers, and entries to the ANACOM - URSI Portugal Prize and the Best Student Paper Award close on 12.10.2014.
24.07.2014 | 13:20

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News and updates

Electronic communications - review of cost of regulation fees 2013 ANACOM has approved a revision of the costs of regulating the activity of provider of electronic communication networks and services.
22.09.2014 | 16:00

Objectives and rules governing density of the postal network and minimum services ANACOM sets objectives and rules governing density of the postal network and minimum services and approves draft decision on information to be provided by CTT.
22.09.2014 | 12:20

More customers receiving bundled services in 2nd quarter Number of customers of bundled services continues to increase.
22.09.2014 | 12:00

Electronic Communications Committee - public consultation Public consultation on documents approved by WG NaN (closes 24.09.2014).
22.09.2014 | 11:50

7th ANACOM conference - online transmission See the online transmission of ANACOM Conference taking place today at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian in Lisbon.
22.09.2014 | 09:00

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  • 2014 ANACOM Conference - 22 September
  • Portuguese Committee of URSI: call for papers and awards
  • Approval of report on DTT's future
  • Setting of universal postal service prices - consultation
  • Quality parameters of universal postal service - consultation

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