Changes to the RIO - capacity-based interconnection offer

ANACOM  approved, by determination of 14 December 2006, a decision on the introduction by PT Comunicações (PTC) of the capacity-based interconnection modality (interconnection flat rate) in the reference interconnection offer (RIO).
ANACOM decided not to oppose the proposal submitted by PTC on 25 July 2006, except for the following elements: time limit to validate applications, which must be accounted for in calendar days; differentiated deadlines for migration from the time-based interconnection model to the capacity-based interconnection model according to the stage of development of the offer; resale of capacity-based interconnection; and inclusion in the RIO of an interconnection agreement standard form. These aspects should be amended by PTC within fifteen working days.
This determination was provided under decision of 17 December 2004, concerning the imposition of obligations in the wholesale markets for call origination and termination in the public telephone network at a fixed location on companies which have been designated as having significant market power (SMP) in such markets, following which the obligation to provide a capacity-based interconnection model (interconnection flat rate), in alternative to the time-based interconnection model, was imposed on the PT Group.
This determination integrates the report of the prior hearing granted to interested parties on the corresponding draft decision, adopted by determination of 23 October 2006.