ITED / ITUR - New search services of training bodies and courses

ANACOM provides two new search services aimed at technicians of telecommunications infrastructure in buildings (ITED) and infrastructures for telecommunications in housing developments, urban settlements and concentrations of buildings (ITUR), allowing access to up-to-date information on training. The search service of training providers enables technicians to find qualified training entities in key areas of their interest and the search for training courses providing technicians with access to schedules and venues of the courses they intend to undertake.

Remember that, with the entry into force of the current legal and technical regimes for telecommunications infrastructures in buildings, all technicians registered at ANACOM or recognized by public professional associations (Order of Engineers and the National Association of Technical Engineers) have to take refresher courses for upgrading knowledge, pursuant to and for the purposes of Article103 of Decree-Law number 123/2009 of 21 May, as amended by Decree-Law 258/2009, of 25 September.

Additionally, improvements were made in the technicians ITED-ITUR search service allowing to filter searches for "Accrediting Entity", i.e. ANACOM – Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (National Communications Authority, OE – Ordem dos Engenheiros (Order of Engineers), ANET - Associação Nacional dos Engenheiros Técnicos (National Association of Technical Engineers) and INCI - Instituto Nacional da Construção e do Imobiliário (National Institute for Construction and Real Estate).