DTT - Final decision on the development of network

By determination of 16 May 2013, ANACOM has approved the final decision on the development of the digital terrestrial television (DTT) network in Portugal. ANACOM also approved the report on the prior hearing and consultation to which, by determination of 8 March 2013, the corresponding draft decision was submitted. 

With the primary goal of finding the best solution to accomplish a balance between the quality of service provided over the network, spectrum efficiency and impact on the population, ANACOM decided that the DTT network should be developed, in phases, into a multi-frequency network (MFN) made up of small single-frequency networks (SFN).  This solution provides the most suitable means of mitigating the impact caused by the atmospheric phenomena which cause the most significant alterations to propagation conditions.

This solution also entails a natural evolution from the current situation, consisting of the integration of transmitters installed on the national DTT network under temporary network licensing issued to PT Comunicações (already making up an MFN).

ANACOM considers that the model chosen for the development of the DTT network properly responds to the objectives it seeks to safeguard, without causing disruptions at the present time, and is it a model that achieves the changes that have been shown necessary, with a view to ensuring that every citizen has access to DTT and with a view to complying with international decisions on spectrum use.

The present decision takes effect upon the expiry date of the temporary network license issued to PTC by determination of 18 May 2012 and renewed by determination of 16 November 2012.