ANACOM Alerts - new rules on contract amendments and new rules on contract lock-in periods

As part of the "Alerts ANACOM" initiative, launched to strengthen the information that ANACOM makes available to consumers on specific sector issues, reflecting the main issues raised in complaints, the following article was published on 30 July (Correio da Manhã) and 31 July (Jornal de Notícias):

Do you know about the new rules on contract amendments?

  • Your provider can amend the conditions of your contract, including prices.
  • If the changes are not in your favour, the provider is required to give you notice of the amendments, 30 days in advance, informing you of your right to cancel the contract without charge if you do not accept them.

The section this week on Radio Renascença, which will air on 2, 3 and 4 August between 5 pm and 6 pm in the 1st position of the block, is as follows:

New rules on contract lock-in periods

  • From now on, your provider is required to inform you in writing about any contract lock-in period.
  • When contracts are made over the telephone, the provider must retain a recording of your call for the entire term of the contract, until the last bill.
  • The amount payable by the customer in case of early cancellation is now limited by law.
  • A new lock-in period can only be applied with your express permission and with the offer of new promotional conditions or subsidised equipment. 

New rules on contract lock-in periods is the subject addressed today (1 August) in the "Consumers tips" column published, with ANACOM's participation, in Jornal de Notícias:

New rules on contract lock-in periods

1. A new law, which entered into force on 17 July, strengthens the protection given to consumers who conclude communications contracts containing lock-in periods.

2. If you conclude a contract or make changes to an existing contract in person, the new law requires the provider to inform you in writing about any lock-in period.

3. Whenever contracts are concluded over the phone, operators now have to save recording of the calls for the duration of the lock-in period and until the last bill.

4. Lock-in periods cannot be repeated or extended unless the provider makes new subsidised equipment available or offers properly identified and quantified promotional conditions, and are always subject to the consumer's express consent.

5. The charges payable in the event of early contract termination are now subject to legal limits.