ANACOM's Consumers' Website visited over 800 thousand times in 2016

Launched on March 15, 2011 and subject to a major revision in September 2016, ANACOM's Consumer Website had 800,637 visits in 2016 (information content and electronic services).

The information content of the Website received 284,976 visits, NET.mede 256,942, the COM.escolha 86,436, the service ''Ask ANACOM'' 151,385 and the ''Complaint Form'' 20,898 visits.

In total there were 2,085,858 page views, of which 645,260 pages concerned information content, 660,090 pages ''NET.mede'', 372,153 pages ''COM.escolha'', 357,257 pages ''Ask ANACOM'' and 51,098 pages the ''Complaint Form''.