Lifting of the requirement for the registration of users of CB stations

On 9 March 2017, ANACOM approved a licence exemption of CB stations and approved the National Table of Frequency Allocations (NTFA) accordingly. The adopted decision defined the harmonised technical requirements that govern operation of the personal radio service stations - Citizen's Band (CB).

As such, from 11 March 2017, CB stations are exempt from licencing, under and pursuant to the provisions of article 9, paragraph 1, point b) of the general regime governing radio communications, as approved by Decree-Law no. 151-A/2000 of 20 July (in its current wording)

Lifting the requirement of user registration does not affect the operation of CB stations and promotes simplification of processes with a reduction in bureaucracy.

This decision was adopted as a result of the provisions of Decree-Law no. 1/2017 of 5 January, which determines the repeal of the legal regime governing the Personal Radio Service - Citizen's Band (CB)2, lifting the requirement for the registration of CB station users. The licencing exemption takes effect on the date indicated - 11 March 2017.

1 Decree-Law no. 151-A/2000 of 20 July, which establishes the regime governing the licensing of radiocommunications networks and stations, supervision of the installation of the said stations and use of the radio spectrum, as well as the sharing of radiocommunications infrastructure, was amended and republished by Decree-Law no. 264/2009 of 28 September, as amended by Law no. 20/2012 of 14 May, and Law no. 82-B/2014 of 31 December.
2 As under Decree-Law no. 47/2000 of 24 March.


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