Call for papers

The Portuguese Committee of URSI is holding its 11th congress on 24 November 2017, in Lisbon, with the theme "New technologies for mobility".

With the aim of encouraging young Portuguese authors, ANACOM will sponsor the Best Student Paper Award, which will be awarded for the best paper presented by a student who is its first author and also presents it at the Congress.

In order to compete for this prize, entrants must complete the respective entry form, and submit it along with the article. ANACOM reserves the right to require confirmation of the academic status of all entrants.

Entrants are invited to submit original scientific papers in the following areas:

Main theme

"New technologies for mobility"

Other scientific topics

1. Electromagnetic metrology

2. Waves and fields: electromagnetic theory and applications

3. Radiocommunications and signal processing systems

4. Electronics and photonics

5. Electromagnetic Environment and interference

6. Wave Propagation and Remote Sensing

7. Ionospheric radioelectricity and propagation

8. Plasma waves

9. Radio-astronomy

10. Electromagnetics in biology and medicine

The selected papers will be presented at the congress and later posted on ANACOM´s website.

Rules governing submission of papers

Papers must have 2 to 4 complete pages in PDF format, using the external IEEE Link template with 2 columns. They must be sent no later than 17 October 2017 by email to

First authors will be notified whether or not papers have been selected for oral presentation.

The official language of the Congress is Portuguese, although communications are also accepted in English and Spanish.

ANACOM-URSI Portugal Prize

The Portuguese Committee of URSI, sponsored by ANACOM, will also award the "ANACOM-URSI Portugal Prize" to the best research work in the area of Radioelectricity. The purpose of this award is to stimulate creativity and rigour in scientific research work in Portugal. It will be awarded during the closure of the congress.

Papers must be sent by 17 October 2017 by email to The Regulation of the 2017 ANACOM Prize can be consulted in the “Portuguese Committee of URSI” area of ANACOM´s website.


Submission of papers: 17 October 2017

Notification to authors: 06 November 2017

Holding of the congress: 24 November 2017