''Connecting Europe Facility'' - new call for proposals

The European Commission and the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) have opened a new call for proposals under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) with the availability of 24 million euros in funding. These are projects which implement digital services infrastructure which promotes cross-border interaction between public administrations, businesses and citizens.

Proposals must be submitted no later than 28 November 2017 covering the following areas:

  • eInvoicing - (indicative budget of 10 million euros) to support the uptake of electronic invoicing solutions among public and private organisations, facilitating implementation of European standards and the eInvoicing Directive http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:32014L0055&from=EN.
  • eTranslation - (indicative budget of 6 million euros) to improve the quality and coverage of eTranslation, especially in the public sector, thereby facilitating cross-border information exchange.
  • Europeana - platform providing access to digital objects of Europe's historical and cultural heritage (indicative budget of 2 million euros) to enhance accessibility of digital resources of European heritage.
  • Public Open Data - (indicative budget of 6 million euros) to achieve a new generation of cross-border and intelligent services for citizens and enterprises, as well as supporting decision-making for public authorities, through the use of High Performance Computers.

In addition, the 2017-3 CEF Telecom call Virtual Info Day https://ec.europa.eu/inea/en/news-events/events/2017-3-cef-telecom-call-virtual-info-day, where these financing opportunities will be presented, will be held on 12 September 2017; Questions can be sent by email to INEA-CEF-Telecoms-Infoday@ec.europa.eumailto:INEA-CEF-Telecoms-Infoday@ec.europa.eu and through INEA's Twitter account (@inea_eu https://twitter.com/inea_eu #CEFTelecomDay).  Responses will be made available after the event at 2017 CEF Telecom Frequently Asked Questions https://ec.europa.eu/inea/en/connecting-europe-facility/cef-telecom/apply-funding/2017-cef-telecom-frequently-asked-questions.

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