EMERG portfolio launched on 1 July, EMERG Day

The Euro-Mediterranean Regulators Group (EMERG) Day was celebrated on 1 July. This organisation that brings together representatives of regulators of the electronic communications sector in the Mediterranean region, with the aim of sharing experiences and harmonising regulatory principles.

To mark this day, the “EMERG Portfolio - Together at EMERG since 2008” was released, presenting the main features of EMERG and providing information on each of its members, as well as the activity of the working groups and how the organisation articulates with the European Union and other groups of regulators. The portfolio also provides a timeline with the main meetings and activities undertaken by the Group.

This publication was based on contributions received from all members, thus producing a major edition that illustrates and integrates all achievements made so far.

On this day, EMERG welcomes the fact that it continues to respect the commitment it made when it was created 14 years ago, with its initial principles: to keep members united, to share ideas and best practices on common challenges and to foster cooperation with strategic partners, in particular within the framework of the European Union.

Publication, launched on EMERG's Day, based on the inputs gathered from all members, thus producing a landmark edition that illustrates and aggregates all the achievements done until 2022.

Further information:

  • EMERG http://www.emergonline.org/