The use of radio spectrum for conducting technical trials

ANACOM may authorize, for limited periods, the use of radio frequency spectrum to carry out technical tests and scientific studies, without licensing, in accordance with paragraph 3 of article 5 of Decree-Law n.º. 151-A/2000, of July 20th, in its current wording.

The requests to carry out technical tests and scientific studies must be sent by email, to, preferably with at least 10 days in advance of the intended start date, and containing the following elements, necessary for our analysis:

  1. Purpose of technical trials;
  2. General description of the network/architecture;
  3. Location of the tests;
  4. Number of planned transmitters and their location (WGS84 coordinates);
  5. Test environment (e.g. indoor/outdoor);
  6. Test period (start and end);
  7. Frequency or frequency range (kHz, MHz or GHz);
  8. Frequency range of the equipment(s);
  9. Technologies;
  10. Bandwidths (kHz or MHz);
  11. Maximum power (e.i.r.p.);
  12. Contact point: email address and phone number.

If necessary, we may request additional information