Voice call termination in individual mobile networks - Price control obligation

ANACOM has given approval, by Determination of 2 July 2008, to the decision on the specification of the price control obligation with respect to the wholesale market for voice call termination in individual mobile networks (market 16 of Commission Recommendation 2003/311/EC of 11 February 2003).

The present decision defines the maximum prices to be applied by the three national mobile operators for voice call termination in mobile networks as of 15 July 2008.  All operators with significant market power (SMP) were opportunely notified.

This decision will be reviewed during the second half of 2009, in the light of developments arising in respect of the European Regulators Group and the European Commission and also taking account of the evolution of the structural problem identified in these markets in terms of traffic imbalances and the tariff differences between on-net and off-net calls.

The adoption of this measure was preceded by the applicable consultation procedures, following the determination of 24 October 2007, which gave approval to respective draft decision.  Meanwhile approval has also been given to the corresponding consultation report, in which analysis is made of comments received from the following entities: APDC, DECO, BT PORTUGAL, CABO TV MADEIRENSE, GRUPO AUCHAN, CTT - Correios de Portugal, Direcção-Geral do Consumidor, ONITELECOM, PT MULTIMÉDIA, expressing the position of CATVP - TV Cabo Portugal, RADIOMÓVEL, SGC Telecom - SGPS, in representation of its subsidiaries AR Telecom and WTS, SONAECOM, TMN, PLURICOOP, UGC, VODAFONE Portugal.