Workshop Standardisation - Development of Cable Infrastructure in Buildings

ANACOM is hosting a Workshop entitled ''Standardisation - Development of Cable Infrastructure in Buildings'', to be held on 29 October 2008 in the Municipal Auditorium of Ruy de Carvalho in Carnaxide, Oeiras.

This initiative fulfils part of ANACOM's statutory remit, the promotion of technical standardisation in the communications sector and related fields. The objective is to launch a debate on the activity of standardisation and encourage the adoption of European and international standards in regulation.

The guest speakers, national and international experts in standardisation, will help bring the technical knowledge of participants up to date and widen the knowledge base of the economy and the harmonious integration of new technologies and the results of research in the concept and development process of next generation networks.

In the context of the above, this workshop is directed at a broad target audience: designers, installers, inspectors (auditors), maintenance managers and specialists in cable technologies; public network operators and operators of local services; final customers (residential and businesses); public entities with responsibilities in this area (including municipalities); and architects and builders.

Participation in the workshop is free and open to all, but prior registration is required, using the registration form available on this website.