Vacancy at EUTELSAT

Applications to the position of Executive Secretary of the European Telecommunication Satellite Organization (EUTELSAT) may be presented by 28 February 2009.

The Executive Secretary is the legal representative of EUTELSAT and is nominated by the Assembly of Parties, acting under its supervision. The Executive Secretary is a focal point between the organisation and the company, EUTELSAT S.A., which was privatised in 2001, and participates in the company's Board Meetings in the capacity of Censeur, monitoring the activity of the company, and in particular, its compliance with the basic principles established by the EUTELSAT convention.

Candidates - whose applications shall be subject to the prior scrutiny of the State of which they are nationals - are required to have a university degree in law, economics, finance, telecommunications engineering, management or public administration or in related areas, as well as professional experience at an international level, preferably within an inter-governmental agency. Candidates are also required to have knowledge of the satellite communications market and have an excellent level of knowledge with respect to the regulation of electronic communications, including European space policy.

The successful candidate will work in Paris, at the organisation's headquarters.

The post is currently held by Christian Roisse of France, whose first four-year mandate comes to an end in July 2009. The Executive Secretary's mandate will be renewed or, if there are other candidates, elections will be held at the next EUTELSAT Assembly of Parties, which meets on 13 and 14 May 2009 in Paris.

Candidatures should be sent to:

The Chairman of the Assembly of Parties
Tour Maine-Montparnasse
33, Avenue du Maine
F-75755 PARIS CEDEX 15

PDF Letter from the EUTELSAT the Chairman of the Assembly of Parties

Further information: