Electronic communications standard contracts - amendments approved

ANACOM approved, on 11 December 2008, a final decision on the amendment to Guidelines for minimum content to be included in contracts for the provision of electronic communication services. These amendments concern both the so-called ''loyalty period'' and rules that apply at present to essential public services (Law no. 12/2008 of 26 February, as amended by Law no. 23/96, of 26 July, extending its scope to electronic communications services).

Electronic communications providers must adopt the new regime and submit to ANACOM's approval the respective standard contracts, within 20 working days. These companies must also send subscribers, within 30 working days, a written communication on the contractual changes that result from essential public services legislation, which may be attached to invoices. As regards subscribers of pre-paid tariffs who have not made available their identification data to service providers, the referred communication may be replaced by an SMS indicating the provider's website where such information may be consulted. Within the following 30 working days, ANACOM must be informed of compliance with these procedures.

On the same occasion, approval was given to the reports of the prior hearing on the draft decision of 4 June 2008 (amendments resulting from Law no. 12/2008), in the scope of which contributions were received from the following entities: Ar Telecom, Cabovisão, Nacacomunik, Onitelecom, Portugal Telecom, Vodafone Portugal, Sonaecom and TV Cabo Portugal. Approval was given also to the public consultation report on the draft decision concerning ''loyalty periods'', which was assessed by the following bodies: UGC, FENACOOP, AR TELECOM, CABOVISÃO, Portugal Telecom, Vodafone Portugal, Sonaecom, Consumer Directorate and an individual, Luís António Pinto da Silva.