Protection of personal data

/ Updated on 22.01.2021

ANACOM's website is, in general terms, designed so that users can navigate its content freely and so that navigation is not subject to the prior collection personal information. In the case of services that require provision of information which is of a personal nature, the data which is collected is used for no purpose other than for the provision of the services requested and to fulfil the needs of the website user. ANACOM's handling of such data is in compliance with the data protection requirements laid down in Law no. 58/2019 of 8 August (Lei n.º 58/2019, de 8 de agosto By requesting the services referred to above, the user gives their consent to the collection and processing of information of a personal nature as necessary to provide the service in question, in accordance with the terms, limits and purposes specified in said Law.

ANACOM undertakes not to transfer the personal information of users to third parties.

All ANACOM personnel involved in the processing of data are subject to a duty of confidentiality with respect thereto.

Users of ANACOM's website may, at any time, request access to their personal data and request that it be updated or deleted, simply by sending a request to