Commission G - Ionospheric radio and propagation (including ionospheric communications and remote sensing of ionised media)

/ Updated on 03.10.2007

The Commission deals with the study of the ionosphere in order to provide the broad understanding necessary to support space and ground-based radio systems. Specifically, the Commission addresses the following areas:

(a) Global morphology and modelling of the ionosphere;
(b) Ionospheric space-time variations;
(c) Development of tools and networks needed to measure ionospheric properties and trends;
(d) Theory and practice of radio propagation via the ionosphere;
(e) Application of ionospheric information to radio systems.

To achieve these objectives, the Commission co-operates with other URSI Commissions, corresponding bodies of the ICSU family (IUGG, IAU, COSPAR, SCOSTEP, etc.) and other organisations (ITU, IEEE, etc.).