1. Introduction

/ Updated on 17.05.2007

Decree-Law no. 381-A/97, of December 30, establishes the regulatory framework for access to the activity of public telecommunications network operators and service providers for public use telecommunications, in pursuit of Law no. 91/97, of August 1 (Basic Telecommunications Law).

In conformity with the terms of article 22 of Decree-Law no. 381-A/97, ICP is entrusted with a series of powers in the framework of management of the radioelectric spectrum and issue of respective licenses, and specifically in what regards to the publication of availability and use of frequency bands and the respective modes of assignment to different entities.

The present document was prepared in this context, and includes data published by ICP concerning public telecommunications network operators, service providers for public use telecommunications and owners of private telecommunications networks.

The following aspects should nonetheless be emphasized:

  • In exceptional and duly justified circumstances, it may prove necessary to change the previously established modes of assignment and conditions for each contemplated radiocommunications service or system.

  • As a result of the development of new technologies, new systems and services may emerge that are not contemplated in this document, thus justifying a new assignment of frequencies or modification of the established terms and conditions. Such systems and services will be analysed on a case-by-case basis.