DTT- ANACOM and DECO sign protocol to test set-top-boxes

/ Updated on 18.02.2011

ANACOM and DECO - Associação Portuguesa para a Defesa do Consumidor (Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection) have signed a protocol under which DECO commits itself to carrying out ongoing comparative tests on digital terrestrial television (DTT) decoders, maintaining an updated and accessible summary of results on its website (www.deco.proteste.pthttp://www.deco.proteste.pt/), also available through ANACOM’s website.

This initiative comes in the context of the process of switching off analogue television transmission which is due to be concluded by 26 April 2012 and by which television sets which are not integrated with digital capability will need to be connected to a set-top-box.

The protocol fulfils ANACOM’s role as coordinator of the process of transition from analogue to digital transmissions (switch-over), as well as that of DECO, which works to uphold the rights and legitimate interests of consumers.

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