When it's time to pay ... the price is also special

Communications providers offer equipment and services to users with special needs at special prices.

Users with disabilities

Users with disabilities benefit from special products, provided free of charge or at reduced prices.

PT Comunicações provides the micro-telephone amplifier and call alert light free of charge.  Vodafone Portugal and TMN offer a programme which adapts mobile phones so that they can be used by people who are blind of visually impaired.

PT Comunicações and TMN offer discounts of up to 80% on a range of equipment designed to meet the needs of users with disabilities, including fixed telephone, mobile telephone and Internet products.

Vodafone Portugal PT Comunicações and TMN also offer users with special needs discounts on Internet and voice tariffs.  To benefit from these prices, users require a certidão multiuso (multi-use certificate), certifying a level of disability equal to or exceeding 60%, or in the case of veterans, an Armed Forces disability card.

For further information on special conditions for users with special needs, please contact your communications provider directly.


Pensioners also enjoy special tariff conditions - contact your communications provider for further information.

PT Comunicações provides a discount of 50% on the cost of line rental for a single analogue network line of the fixed telephone service to pensioners with a monthly household income that is equal to or below the national minimum wage.

To benefit from these special prices, ask PT Comunicações for the specific form to apply for the discount and for information on the documents which need to be presented.

Contacts for further information

On ANACOM's Consumers’' Website, at www.anacom-consumidor.comhttps://www.anacom-consumidor.pt/, there is a list of the contact details of some of the organisations which are of interest to users with special needs, including providers of electronic communication services.