Numbering Resources - Searching

Under the powers assigned to it as regards the management of the PNN - Plano Nacional de Numeração (National Numbering Plan), ANACOM has made a dynamic search tool (in Portuguese) available in this area, covering the numbering resources included and organized in different numbering plans, including those defined under international standards and recommendations.

The following plans can be searched with the new tool:

  • International public telecommunication numbering plan (E.164 ITU-T);
  • Identification of points of the ITU-T no. 7 national signalling network (Q704/Q705 ITU-T):
  • Identification of public data networks (ITU-T X.212);
  • Identification of international telecommunications card issuers (ITU-T E.118);
  • Identification of public networks and subscriptions (E.212 ITU-T);
  • Identification of TETRA mobile networks (ETSI ETS 300392-1);
  • Ported number routing prefixes (Q.769.1 ITU-T);
  • Identification of points of the ITU-T no. 7 international signalling network (ITU-T Q.708).

It is also possible to search geographical areas, to obtain the code or name of a geographical area.

The previous format of the PNN, in Excel, was discontinued on 31 August 2013.