7. Human resources plan

The complex and rapid changes which are envisaged to take place in the communications sector for the 2017-2019 period pose major challenges to ANACOM in terms of the strategic management of people. It is essential that ANACOM's personnel keep up and work with this change, a commitment that is achieved through the application of good management practices and talent leadership and through the consolidation of a culture of excellence, open to the sustained creation of value. To this end, the development of skills, sharing critical knowledge and motivation of human resources take centre stage.

To this end, ANACOM aims to continue and consolidate the initiatives launched in previous years in terms of the strategic management of human resources and, at the same time, leverage other priority activities for its present and future sustainability.

In this context, a critical factor for the successful strategic management of ANACOM's personnel will be the adoption of mechanisms and tools which enable the organisation to anticipate and plan for it needs, in terms of talent, knowledge and expertise.

In the framework of the communications sector’s development, ANACOM's performance will be based on the following priorities:

  • consolidate the talent management programme to ensure the continuity of critical ANACOM functions through the implementation of diagnostic tools that enable the development and retention of potential successors, as well as instil knowledge and prepare the structure for the future;
  • implement action plans for improvement and motivation supported by the internal system compiling staff ideas with a view to better management of ANACOM commitments and people expectations, enhancing internal satisfaction and affiliation of human resources;
  • implement training and development programmes to develop new capabilities and upgrade functional, behavioural and management skills through learning and knowledge-sharing between areas of the organisation, in alignment with values and with the organisation’s strategic performance objectives;
  • strengthen and consolidate the strategic alignment of personnel with organisational values and culture, by creating internal communication channels and interaction initiatives at all organisational levels, enabling access to information and to the sharing of ideas and knowledge, as well as individual and team participation;
  • continue the collaborative efforts between the regulator and the academic community (with ANACOM’s interaction based on conducting annual programmes of professional and curricular internships), and enable allocation of research grants for the development and enhancement of skills among young people in transition to their working lives.

ANACOM also intends to maintain its participation in citizen initiatives with a social and environmental focus.

Diversity management and the creation of a model to reconcile professional, family and personal life are also areas which ANACOM will seek to develop over the next three years.

The personnel plan for the 2017-2019 three-year period will be constrained to the forecast complement of 418 employees. The need to ensure ongoing rejuvenation and ensure that ANACOM's resources are more closely aligned with its present and future needs is one of the main critical factors which govern ANACOM's human resources management.

Annex II presents tables with the forecast variations in the human resources plan, both in terms of the number of employees and in terms of the number of hours worked and corresponding allocation of financial resources.

As regards personnel costs, it is expected that full restoration will be made of all salary reductions imposed previously pursuant to the Lei do Orçamento do Estado (State Budget Law).