5. Reporting to ANACOM

As far as the data reporting duty is concerned, CTT’s proposal abides today by ANACOM’s determinations and suggestions, established in the referred decision of 05.06.2017, so that the quarterly report includes:

a) Assignment to each letterbox of an unambiguous code associated to the respective point of access;

b) Dates when changes made by CTT to the pool of letterboxes take effect.

ANACOM proposes mere editorial amendments to the draft text presented by CTT, so as to break down data reported on letterboxes and on postal establishments, for the sake of clarity.

Moreover, CTT proposes to report, together with the geographic location coordinates of postal establishments and letterboxes, the indication of the degree of accurateness of such geographic coordinates, “where appropriate”, failing however to indicate the situations deemed to be appropriate.
The reporting of such data, which CTT already undertakes today, is considered by ANACOM to be beneficial, thus it must take place at all times and not “where appropriate”.