4. Objectives notified by CTT

CTT proposes objectives of:

a) Network density as far as postal establishments are concerned, that is, as regards locations where concessionary postal services are provided, namely post stations and post offices.

For these objectives, CTT proposes that current indicators of postal network density and respective objective values 1 are maintained.

b) Network density as far as letterboxes are concerned, that is, infrastructures made available to the public, where postal items may be deposited by users with the postal network.

In this communication of 18.07.2017, CTT proposes that density indicators and objectives of letterboxes are maintained, and that they are complemented as regards access, in each parish, to letterboxes for deposit of national standard mail.

c) Minimum services provided, which concerns services provided at postal establishments, including also objectives of minimum operating periods of postal establishments.

CTT proposes that indicators and respective objectives of minimum services provided currently in force are maintained, except for indicators of minimum operating periods of postal establishments, which CTT proposes to revise.

CTT also proposes some methodological changes for the purpose of the measurement of indicators, which shall be analysed in the scope of the specific analysis of the various indicators and objectives.

It must be highlighted that, in line with ANACOM’s decision of 05.06.2017, CTT removed from its proposal the intention to:

a) Establish a remedy period of three months to address occurrences with post offices, for which CTT is not responsible;

b) Establish a remedy period of 10 working days to clarify any one-off situations of differences between operating periods of post offices reported by CTT and those checked on the ground by ANACOM.

These aspects will thus not be subject to any further analysis in this decision.

1 Defined in ANACOM’s decision of 28.08.2014 - Approval of the objectives and rules governing density of the postal network and minimum services of CTT and information to be made available by CTThttps://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=1334341.