/ Updated on 30.03.2009

With the conclusion of the IV Luso-Brazilian Summit on 16 and 17 April 1999, the links established between Brazil and Portugal at the level of communications, took an irretraceable step forward. Since then, steps have been made to establish an increasingly close relationship of cooperation, seeking to address the different aspects of the sector, in particular with regard to the area of regulation.

Luso-Brazilian summits

With the first EU/Brazil Summit, held in July 2007, under the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, a global strategic partnership was put in place with the parties agreeing to draw up an Action Plan. In sectoral terms, the Joint Statement refers not only to the progress achieved in implementing the information society, but also to the entry into force of the EU/Brazil Cooperation Agreement in the context of science and technology.

As part of the second EU/Brazil Summit, held in December 2008, approval was given to the Action Plan, which sets out the actions to be taken over the following 3 years. At this summit special attention was given to promoting sustainable development of the States through information and communication technologies, with the position that the information society and the telecommunications sector are essential drivers of progress and innovation.

ANACOM-ANATEL Coordination Commission

In 1999 an additional clause was formalised with respect to the Basic Agreement on Technical Cooperation between the Governments of Portugal and Brazil of 1966, aimed at updating and deepening institutional and technical cooperation between the two countries, whereas its implementation fell to the respective sector regulators. Since then, the Coordination Commission has met every six months to address developments seen in the communications market of the two countries, with focus on different perspectives and points of convergence of the many different subjects.

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