2.5 Process

/ Updated on 19.09.2003

The SLRO should be provided to beneficiaries in non-discriminatory and equal conditions, being up to the client to choose the provider with whom it wishes to establish a relationship1. In addition, the SLRO implementation process must be initiated by the SLRO beneficiary, supported by a document duly signed by the client, requesting of PTC the implementation thereof.

The client may subsequently change the effective SLRO beneficiary, namely in view of a better offer. In those cases, and in the same way as for the process of the implementation of the offer, the new SLRO beneficiary, duly qualified for the purpose with a document properly signed by the client, shall notify that decision to PTC, that shall see to the necessary changes, so as to carry out the requested alteration.

Furthermore, it is important to assess the need to establish a guard period, following the adhesion to the SLRO, during which PTC is prevented from carrying out any action designed to win back clients, so that the latter may make a free and reasoned choice of the desired service.

As regards the operator pre-selection2, by Determination of the Board of Directors of 17/07/03, a 6-month period was determined to achieve the established purpose, that is, to provide the client with the necessary amount of time to fully enjoy the service of the pre-selected provider, trying it out and remaining free to continue being a client or to release itself from the contract, without being under any external pressure.

Question 6
Do you agree with the processes for the choice and alteration of the effective SLRO beneficiary, as described briefly in this document? Do you find it necessary to establish a guard period for the SLRO? In your opinion, what would be the appropriate time limit for that period?

1 Hereinafter referred to as ?Effective SLRO beneficiary?.
2 See Pre-Selection Specification - Compulsory withdrawal periodhttps://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=418252.