Opening of tenders for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT)

The regulations associated with the public tenders in respect of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) have today been published in Diário da República: regulation of ICP-ANACOM no 95-A/2008 of 25 January (Multiplexer A) and the Regulation in respect of Multiplexers B to F (approved by Administrative Rule no 207-A/2008 of 25 February).

The tenders open tomorrow, 26 February, the day that the two documents mentioned above enter into force, with the deadline for entering tenders falling at 4pm on 23 April 2008.

The respective set of specifications has been made available for the permanent consultation of interested parties on the website of ANACOM, as well as in the public attendance office in its head office, open on all working days from 9am to 4pm.

The launch of these tenders follows the publication of Resolution of the Council of Ministers no 12/2008 of 22 January, which determines the allocation of radio spectrum capacity remaining in Multiplexer A, and also follows the public consultations launched on 31 August 2007, whereby on that date the corresponding reports were released, along with the non-confidential versions of the comments of interested parties.

In this context, ANACOM further approved, by determination of 30 January 2008, the decision on the limitation of the number of rights to use frequencies reserved for digital terrestrial television broadcasting and on the definition of the respective allocation procedure, including the report of the preliminary consultation.

Following this decision, the Quadro Nacional de Atribuição de Frequências (QNAF – National Frequency Allocation Plan) was amended accordingly.


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