Draft regulation on the closure or reduction in working hours of postal establishments

ANACOM  has decided to cancel the regulatory procedure in respect of the submission of the draft regulation defining the rules for the assessment on the part of ANACOM of reports made by the concessionaire of the universal postal service (CTT-Correios de Portugal) regarding the closure or reduction in working time of postal establishments.
This decision, made by determination of 27 July 2006, follows the publication of Decree-Law no. 112/2006, of 9 June, which alters the Basis for the Universal Postal Service Concession.
Among the changes, brought about by this law, is a reformulation of ANACOM's powers in respect to the closure or reduction in working time of postal establishments. As a result ANACOM is no longer in a position to oppose closures or reductions in the working time of postal establishments, under the terms of points 3 and 4 of Base XX, as amended by Decree-Law no. 116/2003 of 12 June.

Therefore, given that the ANACOM draft regulation envisages developing the current regime that currently governs these powers and that the legislative change sets out a different regime, the submitted draft regulation no longer has validity and accordingly calls for the cancellation of the respective regulatory procedure.
In the meantime, as part of the consultation process already in progress in respect to the regulatory procedure, comments had been received by CTT, CTT Expresso, DECO, FENACOOP, UGC and Junta de Freguesia de Santa Bárbara de Nexe. Faro Municipal Assembly also gave comments, but not within the designated time period.