Report of consultation on capacity-based interconnection and specification for changes to the RIO

By determination of 12 October 2005, approval was granted to the draft decision comprising the specification for changes to the reference interconnection offer (RIO) of PT Comunicações, in order to include therein the capacity-based interconnection. Under the law, this draft decision was notified to interested parties to assess the subject in writing, within a 10-day time limit.
This determination integrates the report of the consultation on capacity-based interconnection (flat interconnection tariff), launched by ANACOM on 29 June 2005, which comprises the proposal for subsequent action and the analysis of received contributions, submitted by the following entities: Vodafone Portugal, Sonaecom SGPS (on behalf of Novis Telecom, ClixGest and Optimus Telecomunicações), Telemilénio, OniTelecom and PT Comunicações.
The measure now adopted as a draft decision is framed within the decision of 17 December 2004, on the obligations to be imposed in the wholesale markets for call origination and termination in the public telephone network at a fixed location to companies identified as possessing significant market power (SMP) in such markets. In that determination, it was imposed upon PTC that this company provided a capacity-based interconnection model (flat interconnection tariff), as an alternative to the temporized interconnection model (based on the duration of switched calls).