Released report on e-Government in Europe

On 28 June the European Commission released a report on the status of e-Government in Europe, which places Portugal in the fifth place among the countries of the European Union (EU) that most progressed in the last two years regarding the digitization of public services.

According to this report, the sophistication of public services, measured in terms of interactivity and of the provision of online transactions reached a 75% average in the EU countries in April 2006, placing Portugal in the 11th position among the EU Member States, with a sophistication value of about 83%. This result represents a very positive evolution regarding the last analysis made by the Commission, in April 2004, when Portugal had a value bellow 70%.

This report, which analysed 14,000 websites available in the EU countries, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland, also refers that about 50% of the analysed public services are fully available on the Internet. In this domain, Portugal also reaches a value above the community average (about 60%), reaching the 10th position in the list of the 25 EU Member States.

Further information:

  • IP/06/875

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