Commission launches public consultation on ''2006 review''

On 29 June, the European Commission released a package of documents connected to the process of updating the regulatory framework for electronic communications - this process is known as the "2006 Review". Included in this package are a Communication on updating the regulatory framework, a Staff Working Document on the proposed changes and an Impact Assessment.

On the same day a draft regulation was released about which markets of electronic communication products and services are deemed suitable for ex-ante regulation.

These documents will be the subject of a public consultation that will run until 27 October. Comments on the Communication, the Working Document and the Impact Assessment should be sent by email to, following the format available on the Commission website. Comments on the draft regulation should be sent by email to

After analyzing the comments received and by the end of 2006, the Commission will propose legislative measures to the Council and the European Parliament. It is planned that the draft recommendation on relevant markets will come into force in early 2007.

Further information:

  • COM(2006)334_en
  • SEC(2006)837_en
  • SEC(2006)817_en
  • SEC(2006)816_en
  • MEMO/06/257_en

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