Protocol between ANACOM and FCCN to develop a pilot of the User-ENUM service in Portugal

By determination of 13 January 2011, ANACOM designated FCCN - Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional (Foundation for National Scientific Computing) as ENUM Tier 1 Registry.

Subsequent to this designation, the two organisations signed a protocol on 24 January 2011 with a view to mutual cooperation in putting a pilot scheme into operation regarding User-ENUM in Portugal on the “” domain.

This protocol envisages the establishment of a Pilot Coordinating Group, made up of representatives from ANACOM and FCCN, and from participating companies. This Group will establish, oversee and report on the conditions and results of this pilot.

The companies agreeing to participate in this trial, in functions of ENUM Tier 2 Nameserver Provider and/or Registrar, particularly providers of telephone services, including nomadic VoIP services and providers of the Internet access services, as well as “.pt” Registrars, can subscribe to this protocol, and, where interested, should contact ANACOM to this effect.