2nd Meeting of the Conference Preparatory Group (CPM12-2) - Geneva

The second meeting of the Conference Preparatory Group was held last 14-25 February in Geneva, with the aim of preparing for the 2012 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-12). Some 1,089 delegates participated, representing 109 member states and 69 sector members, including various international organisations. The gathering was chaired by Albert Nalbandian.

The CPM is a privileged forum for debate in which ITU members can participate. Its result is a report drawn up over the course of the meeting, which helps the bodies involved in preparing for the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC); it gathers together available information from ITU members, ITU-R study groups and the Special Committee regarding relevant technical, operational and regulatory aspects/procedural questions for all WRC agenda items. In other words, the CPM report presents for each of the WRC-12 agenda items one or several options to respond to the issues as identified in the WRC-12 agenda.

CPM11-2 examined the proposals submitted for each of the WRC-12 agenda items (under the form of meeting entry documents). In some cases, and in the wake of lengthy discussions, it was possible to reduce the number of methods (and text) presented to respond to the issues raised per WRC-12 agenda item. In others, and despite efforts over the course of the two-week meeting, it was not possible to achieve consensus and converge on a single solution. The CPM11-2 report therefore considers various (sometimes opposing) options for debate and resolution at WRC-12 (to be held from 23 January to 17 February 2012).

Note that the WRC-12 agenda contains 25 specific items and eight permanent ones and covers topics as broad as flexible spectrum use, sharing and compatibility questions in the 790-862 MHz band between mobile and other services (including broadcasting), the European Galileo satellite radionavigation system, unmanned aerial vehicles, aeronautic applications and new digital technologies for maritime mobile service, etc.