7th meeting of PT 47 of WG FM - Copenhagen

Copenhagen served as venue last 27-28 April for the seventh and last meeting of project team (PT) 47 of the Frequency Management working group (WG FM), chaired by Emmanuel Faussurier. Note that PT 47 was established at the 65th WG FM meeting (Cascais, 2009) to handle matters concerning UWB (ultra wide band) technology).

The main issues dealt with by the participants were specific UWB applications, namely LAES (location tracking application for emergency services) systems, LT2 (location tracking applications type 2) systems and LTA (location tracking and sensor applications for automotive and transportation environments) systems, as well as the revision of decisions ECC/DEC/(06)04 and ECC/DEC/(06)12 for generic UWB applications.

The following recommendations were approved and proposed for adoption by WG FM for public consultation at its 72nd meeting in May 2011:

  • draft ECC Recommendation on Location Tracking Application for Emergency and Disaster Situations (LAES);

  • draft ECC Recommendation on UWB Location Tracking Systems Type 2 (LT2).

Draft ECC Report 167 - "ECC Report on the Practical Implementation of Registration/Co-ordination Mechanism for UWB LT2 Systems" - adopted for public consultation until 18 April 2010, received three commentaries: from France, Russia and UKBroadband. The group processed the comments received in the public consultation and will submit ECC Report 167 to WG FM for final adoption.

The revision of Decision ECC/DEC/(06)04, which henceforth includes Decision ECC/DEC/(06)12 (mitigation techniques) has been developed by the group and was finalised at this meeting, taking into account the WG FM recommendations to adopt an 'outside' limit for UWB devices in automobile and rail vehicles, and also the result of the studies carried out by SE24.

The most noteworthy changes are the following:

  • changed definition of the top peak EIRP density;

  • elimination of Decision ECC/DEC/(06)12, as it is included in Decision ECC/DEC/(06)04, now revised;

  • Adoption of an 'outside' limit of -51.3 dBm/MHz for UWB devices installed in automobile and rail vehicles. UWB LTA devices are covered by this regulatory solution;

  • Modification of the LDC technique parameters when implemented in UWB devices installed in automobile and rail vehicles, for the 3.4-4.8 GHz band, associating it to vehicle speed. Note that the changes made to the LDC technique derive from studies carried out in SE24 for UWB LTA devices.

The proposed revision of Decision ECC/DEC/(06)04 will be submitted for the 72nd WG FM meeting and PT47's proposal is that it should be adopted for public consultation.

As this was the last meeting of PT47, activities concerning UWB were passed on to the SRD/MG group.