Frequency Management working group meeting - Miesbach

The 72nd meeting of the ECC Frequency Management working group (WG FM) was held last 16-20 May in Miesbach, Germany.

The following issues were debated at this meeting:

  • Project team (PT) 48 of WG FM, whose mission is to identify spectrum for broadband direct air to ground communications (DA2GC), identified during a first analysis the need for 2x10 MHz for broadband DA2GC in FDD mode, or alternatively 20 MHz in TDD. This first spectrum identification will be reported to the ECC group; same will be discussed in more detail at the next PT48 meetings;

  • A new project team, PT49, was created within WG FM with a view to mid and long term identification of spectrum for public protection and disaster relief (PPDR), especially for broadband and high-speed communications. This project team will be headed by Peter Buttenschön of Germany and is meant to finish its mission within about three years;

  • Another new project team, PT50, was created in WG FM. Its aim is to identify objective and relevant criteria for assessing the impact of implementing all possible existing and future applications in the 1452-1492 MHz band. Plans call for results of this team's analysis to be presented to WG FM in September 2012. The work undertaken will be overseen by Benoist Deschamps of France.

  • Project teams 38 (PMR/PAMR) and 47 (UWB) were disbanded, as they had completed their designated mission;

  • Various new topics were subject to heated discussion, specifically: smart metering and M3N (matter to be studied by the SRD/MG); spectrum management during sport events (a correspondence group created to that end will prepare an ECC Report on relevant issues concerning spectrum management at special events); non-UWB wireless industrial applications (under discussion are the 2360-2400 MHz, 2483.5-2500 MHz, 5150-5250 MHz, 5725-5850 MHz, 5850-5875 MHz and 5875-5925 MHz bands - a decision was made to begin compatibility studies in same; and 3G use on board aircraft (studies will be carried out to evaluate the viability of authorising IMT systems on board aircraft).

The next WG FM meeting will be held this coming 17-21 September in France.