Optical fibre and cable support drive telephone growth

The total number of telephone accesses installed at customer request stood at around 4.4 million accesses at the end of the 2nd Quarter 2011 (2Q2011), increasing by one percent over the previous quarter. The decline in the number of analogue accesses was offset by the growth reported in accesses using other technologies, especially using cable television networks and optical fibre (FTTH/FTTB).

In year-on-year terms, a change of 2.5 percent was reported in the number of installed accesses, with note made in particular of the growth reported in the number of "other accesses" (26.1 percent). These include accesses using optical fibre (FTTH/B), which increased 140 percent, and VoIP/VoB supported mainly over cable TV networks, which increased 22.2 percent. Accesses based on GSM/UMTS technology grew by 4.1 percent over the same period.

The penetration rate of main telephone accesses installed at customer request was reported at 41.7 accesses per 100 inhabitants.

During the quarter being reported, there were about 30,400 installed public pay phones, with a reduction of 2 percent reported over the previous quarter and a reduction of 6.1 percent compared to 2nd Quarter 2010 (2Q10).

The companies of Grupo Portugal Telecom (Grupo PT) active in these markets continue to have the largest number of installed accesses (58.3 percent of total), a decline of 2.2 percentage points compared to the end of 2nd Quarter 2010.

Total traffic originating on the fixed network during 2nd Quarter 2011 consisted of approximately 1.9 billion minutes and 557 million calls. Compared to the same quarter of 2010, there was a decline of 1.5 percent in the volume of minutes and a decline of 7.4 percent in the volume of calls.

In 2nd Quarter 2011, each main access accounted for an average of 32 fixed-fixed calls, 8 fixed-mobile calls and 2 international calls.

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