EFIS MG meeting - Prague

The Czech capital Prague served as venue last 21-22 September for the 28th meeting of the ERO Frequency Information System – Management Group (EFIS-MG). The EFIS is a database containing the national frequency allocation plans of the countries represented and is available for online consultation. It enables consultation of radio spectrum by country, as well as comparisons to verify differences in how spectrum is allocated in the various countries.

The meeting covered the merger of the EFIS and the ECA-European Common Allocation. The EFIS will henceforth be the only tool for consulting spectrum usage in CEPT. This situation means the EFIS database framework must be reworked so it can handle additional information provided in the ECA.

Further modifications were proposed for annex 2 of the Applications. This operation is carried out periodically to introduce new applications and to remove applications which no longer exist or whose designation has been changed.

This meeting also served to draw up a draft to forward to the ECC regarding the envisaged future of the EFIS as a European spectrum management portal.