ANACOM launches campaign on DTT

Campanha publicitária de divulgação da migração para a Televisão Digital Terrestre (TDT). 

ANACOM has, this morning, presented its campaign to raise awareness and spread information on the migration to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT).

The goal of the campaign is to ensure that the entire population is alerted to the upcoming phased switch-off of analogue television signals and their replacement with digital signals.

The campaign is led and presented by actor Pedro Granjer, with an advertisement created by the Fuel agency following an international tender.

As the campaign's spokesman, Pedro Granjer, advises consumers and provides them with the help they need to prepare their televisions in good time for the arrival of DTT.

All advertisements direct consumers to the DTT helpline (800 200 838) and to other sources of advice and information, such as the tdt.telecom.pt website.

The campaign will use television, radio, the press and outdoor advertising panels, focusing on three periods. The period first will cover the run-up to the Christmas holiday, the second will focus on the days preceding the switch-off occurring on 12 January and effecting the coastal areas of Mainland Portugal, and the last in the weeks preceding the switch-off occurring on 26 April and effecting the inland areas of Mainland Portugal. In the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira, the switch-off will take place on 22 March.

Referring to the campaign, Eduardo Cardadeiro, member of  ANACOM's Management Board, said that "it is our goal to ensure that everyone does what they need to do, so that they are ready, in good time, to receive television signals in digital format, considering the national schedule for the switch-off of analogue signals".

Mr. Cardadeiro added that a further goal of the campaign was to "demystify the transition process, which is in fact simple and a positive change which will bring benefits to viewers. The campaign will explain the process using clear and simple language and in a intuitive and engaging manner."

The digital television signal is already available throughout Portugal, so that viewers can proceed directly with the migration process.  100% of the Portuguese population is covered by digital signals, either by terrestrial means or by satellite - as such, before making any changes, viewers are advised to call the DTT line (800 200 838) or consult the tdt.telecom.pt website to check whether they are in an area with terrestrial coverage or in an area with satellite coverage.

This campaign complements the various measures already taken by ANACOM, including the distribution of the Guia TDT (DTT Guide) to all Portuguese households. This guide is also available in Braille and large print, and in PDF and audio formats on ANACOM's website.