Triple-play offers dominate subscription TV

The total number of subscription TV subscribers continued to grow in 3rd quarter 2011 (3Q2011), with 2.89 million subscribers reported - an addition of 174 thousand compared to the previous quarter and 174 thousand compared to the third quarter of 2010. Offers supported by optical fibre (FTTH/FTTB) made the largest contribution to the growth of the service, with 6.5 out of every 10 new customers, in net terms, opting for offers based on this technology.

As at the end of 3Q2011, the cable TV distribution service represented 49.4 percent of all subscription TV subscribers - a decline of 0.5 percentage points from the previous quarter -, whereas Direct To Home (DTH) technology represented 23.6 percent (683 thousand customers) and "other technologies" (xDSL/IP and FWA) represented 19.4 per cent (559 thousand customers). The weight of FTTH/B continued to increase, corresponding to 7.6 percent of all subscribers (220 thousand customers).

Meanwhile, as at the end of September 2011, over two thirds (67.1 percent) of subscription TV service subscribers received the service as part of a bundle of services, with the most popular offer comprising TV, fixed Internet and fixed telephone (51.5 percent).

Reporting on provider shares, Grupo ZON/TV Cabo continued to have the highest share of subscription TV service subscribers (54.9 percent); PT Comunicações (PTC) remained the second largest operator with a third of subscribers (33.2 percent) and Cabovisão the third largest with a share of 8.8 percent.

In the first nine months of 2011, total revenues derived from stand-alone TV offers and from bundles of services which include the subscription TV service were reported at 872.4 million euros. Of this value, around 254.8 million euros (29.2 percent) corresponds to stand-alone offers and 104.1 million euros (11.9 percent)  is derived from double-play offers, while the remaining 513.5 million euros (58,9 percent) is associated with triple-play offers.

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