BEREC Contact Network meeting - Fiesole

The BEREC Contact Network held a meeting last 17-18 November in Fiesole, Italy. Among other issues, discussions focused on the report on broadband promotion, the report on frequency allocation conditions, guidelines on transparency as a means to achieve net neutrality and the benchmark for fixed termination rates in the European Union.

The participants debated competitive effects in next generation access (NGA) network co-investments, the impact of fixed-mobile substitution in market definition and the common approach to value-added services. Also discussed were the responses BEREC should send to the European Commission public consultations on non-discrimination and costing methodologies. The BEREC working programme for 2012 was presented, along with BEREC’s international scope and the proposal for an electronic newsletter. All the EWGs reported to the Contact Network in order to prepare for the BEREC plenary meeting.