Workshop ''Cybersecurity: economic aspects''

30.09.2013 Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações, Lisboa

Updated on 10.10.2013
Organizer: ANACOM

On 30th September, ANACOM is hosting a workshop on "Cybersecurity: economic aspects". The workshop is being organised in partnership with DGAE - Direção Geral das Atividades Económicas (Directorate General for Economic Activities), and will be held at Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações (Portuguese Communications Foundation) in Lisbon.

The extraordinary development of the Internet and other information technologies has made societies and economies highly dependent on their proper functioning to ensure the fulfilment of basic needs, such as: communication, purchase and sale of goods and services, health care, emergency services, water, energy, transport.

Ongoing changes - particularly in terms of mobile, cloud computing, Internet of Things, e-commerce, online payments, broadband, social networks and search engines - bring threats, which we need to be aware of, but also opportunities that need to be seized. Both contribute to changing old paradigms of social interaction, value chain revolutions, the emergence of new forms of business and abrupt elimination of other (more traditional) business models, so that, at decision level, it is essential to ensure better knowledge and understanding of this ecosystem.

It is a challenge for businesses leaders and leaders of public entities to establish strategies which simultaneously promote the prosperity and development of their organizations and the economy in general, while at the same time providing protection from new threats.

The situation extends globally, and has led many States and companies to adopt new cybersecurity strategies or update existing ones.

Seeking to make networks and services more robust, in terms of security and giving continuity to measures already being implemented for electronic communications networks and services, the European Commission has developed a draft Directive (NIS Directive) to implement measures designed to ensure a common high level of network and information security throughout the European Union (EU). The Directive is addressed on the one hand, to Member States and, on the other hand, to providers of information society services, in particular those offering e-commerce platforms, Internet payment gateways, social networks, search engines, cloud computing services and online app stores; it is also directed at operators of critical infrastructure from the energy, transport, banking, health or financial market sectors.

The NIS Directive is the primary measure of EU's Strategy Cybersecurity, hence the name given by ANACOM to the workshop, whose goal is to bring together a broad group of industry leaders to discuss the economic impact of adopting the measures that are being made mandatory under the NIS Directive.


Registration is closed. Participants are asked to complete a questionnaire which will enable compilation of data to characterize the current situation in terms of network and information security, and the impact of introducing the NIS Directive.


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