Tariff system for PT - other fixed networks with clarified rules

/ Updated on 24.01.2002

ICP has deliberated that the prices charged to Portugal Telecom's (PT) clients in calls to direct clients of the other Fixed Telephone Service (FTS) operators will have to have a structure identical to the tariff system within PT's network.

Thus, ICP's deliberation allows for the clarification of the rules guiding the setting of the Fixed Telephone Service tariffs. It must also be highlighted that telephone connections originating in PT's network and terminating in the networks of other operators must adhere to the principles of equality, transparency and non-discrimination in the tariff systems. The prices for access to and use of Portugal Telecom's telephone network, as an entity with significant market power, must also follow the cost-orientation principle.

Thus, setting the prices for the connections originating in PT and terminating in another fixed network must follow the following rule:

PT Retail Price + Termination Other Licensed Operator - PT Termination

For the purposes of applying the classification rules of calls arising from the present FTS tariff system, distances must be measured between the local area where the call is originated and the centre of the group of networks of the geographical numbering area where the call is terminated.

In the cases where there are differences between call termination in PT's network and call termination in the network of other FTS providers, Portugal Telecom must present a tariff proposal within a 10-day period, as well as an itemised and quantified justification of said differences.

The above-mentioned rule shall apply to all traffic related to the year 2000.