New current postal regime

/ Updated on 24.01.2008

Decree Law nº 150/2001, dated May 7th, which approves the regime of Access to the activity of postal services provider in a competitive regime, comes into force today, August the 6th 2001.

This diploma institutes a licensing system applicable to the provision of unreserved postal services that come within the scope of the universal service, whilst authorisation must be obtained for the provision of services that are unreserved and do not come within the scope of the universal service.

Furthermore, the establishing, management and exploitation of the public postal network and the provision of reserved activities and services will be governed by that laid down in the bases of the universal postal service concession celebrated with CTT - Correios de Portugal, S.A., in accordance with Decree Law nº 448/99, dated November 4th. Additionally, this company may explore postal services that are unreserved and not covered by the universal service without the need to apply for an individual licence or a general authorisation.

New regime for Access and exploration of the activity of postal service provider explored in competition