New tariff for the universal postal service

By decision of 12 February 2015, ANACOM considered that the pricing proposal for services comprising the universal service, as presented by CTT - Correios de Portugal (CTT), complies with the principles and criteria governing the formulation of applicable pricing, defined by ANACOM decision of 21 November 2014.

The new prices, applicable to correspondence and parcels, and to the service of legal summons and notifications by post, take effect from 1 March 2015, while prices for sending books, newspapers and periodicals take effect from 1 June 2015.

ANACOM also ordered CTT to disclose and publicise the new prices, including discounts and conditions of application, at least 5 working days before they are due to enter into force.

It was also decided to refer the proposed prices to the opinion of ICP-ANACOM's Advisory Council.