New Audiotext prefixes identify services

/ Updated on 24.01.2002

New audiotext prefixes identify services

Initial message with price information

Selective access barring

As from today all present market operators are allocated new audiotext prefixes. The objective of the new prefixes is to allow the user to identify, a priori, the nature of the service via the first four digits.

Thus, the 0601 prefix is allocated to services of a general character; 0607 to televoting services; 0608 to telesales, including marketing, non-charity fundraising and the recording and playback of commercial messages; 0646 to competitions, pastimes and results; and 0648 to adult services, encompassing all services of an erotic or sexual nature.

Operators have ninety days (i.e. until 23 August) to implement the new prefixes.

These alterations are accompanied by the obligatory inclusion, once each connection has been established, of a voice message describing the nature of the service and its price in accordance with the established regulations. This message must have a minimum duration of 10 seconds and must be included by 9 July. The introductory voice message is charged in accordance with the price of the service to which it applies. Providers must also include an audio signal indicating each elapsed minute of the call.

Portugal Telecom is also to introduce alterations to subscription to the fixed voice service to permit selective barring of each of these services. It will also provide notification by mail of the new prefixes and new facility, including a freepost envelope for subscribers to indicate which services they wish to exclude.

These measures are introduced subsequent to Decree-Law nr. 176/99 of 21 May and are applicable to all operators providing audiotext services, previously known as value-added telecommunications services.