Study on the development of the postal sector

The "Study on the development of the postal sector"1, is now available, as presented at the Workshop taking place today, 6 July 2015, in Lisbon.

This study, conducted by EGIDE - Economia e Gestão, Associação para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento do Ensino (Economics and Management, Association for Research and Development in Education) in partnership with IMR - Instituto de Marketing Research at the request of ANACOM, analysed the development of the postal sector in Portugal, focusing on non-residential customers and taking into account the characteristics of the Portuguese market.

The objectives of this analysis were as follows:

  • characterising demand for postal services;
  • characterising the structure and operation of postal markets;
  • identifying and characterizing the strategies currently followed by the main postal operators;
  • addressing different issues related to competition in the market.

The study results were presented in two parts:

  • One part focusing on behaviour in terms of use of postal products and services by business users of postal services in the short term;
  • The other part focusing on the characterisation and evolution, over the medium term (2000-2014), of the mail segments, at both national and international levels, including the formulation of an econometric forecast model (2015-2018), using national data, for each type of mail (transactional mail, publicity mail, editorial mail and postal parcels).

The presentation Download file made at this workshop by the speakers of IMR - Instituto de Marketing Research is also available.

1 This study, including its respective premises and conclusions, is the sole responsibility of its authors and in no way commits or binds ANACOM to any position.

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