TCAM and TCAM WG meeting - Brussels

The 41st meeting of TCAM and the seventh meeting of the TCAM Working Group (TCAM WG) were held last 13-14 July in Brussels, chaired by the EC and attended by representatives of the member states, the Association of Notified Bodies, standardisation bodies and relevant organisations such as the Manufacturers Association as well as consumer representatives.

Major issues dealt with at these meetings include the following:

  • Radio Equipment Directive (RED) - 2014/53/UE - the EC presented doc. (41)03, which will serve as a guide for implementation of Directives 2014/35/EU (LVD), 2014/30/EU (EMCD) and 2014/53/EU (RED). Note that the first two take force on 20 April 2016 in all EU member states. As for the RED, it takes effect on 13 June 2016, with a one-year transition period because it has been subject to many changes, specifically the inclusion of broadcasting receivers and equipment below 9 kHz. Note also that the notified bodies (NBs) for the RED Directive can begin to be notified before 13 June 2016;
  • The seventh European market control campaign devoted to remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), commonly called drones, began in January 2015, with 18 member states participating. More than 100 such devices were collected; the results after a first analysis indicate a low level of conformity regarding both technical requisites and administrative terms. The final report will be presented at the next TCAM WG meeting;
  • Specific interference problems were reported in the following cases: the use of DECT telephones operating in frequencies not pertaining to the EU and the use of mobile phone repeaters. All equipment was obtained via the Internet;
  • Plans call for a workshop to be held in Nice on 4 November 2015, jointly organised by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), the Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Compliance Association (R&TTE CA) and the Administrative Cooperation Group R&TTE (ADCO R&TTE), with the following designation: 53 Shades of RE-D - how to place compliant radio equipment on the European market.

The next meetings will be held this coming 9-10 December.