Changing to the Euro Information

/ Updated on 07.03.2002
Considering the objective of changing to the single European currency « the Euro » and that the end of the double circulation period is foreseen as the 28th of February 2002 in the majority of member countries of the European Union (see Council of Ministers Resolution nº 170/2000, dated December 7th), the Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal has adapted its information systems and accounting records to the new currency, in anticipation of the date of the intended changeover, and now works on the basis of the euro.

In view of this, all ICP invoicing is now processed using the euro, but at the same time indicating the respective values in escudos. The same is applicable to the payments system, which are also now made in euros.

Any doubts may be clarified with the Finance and Administrative Department of this institute or by email to