Correspondence makes up 79.6% of Portuguese postal traffic in 3rd quarter 2016

In third quarter 2016 (3Q2016), total traffic from postal services declined by 8% over second quarter 2016 (2Q2016), with 192.6 million items. Compared to the same quarter of the previous year, traffic decreased by 2.6%. Postal items per capita reached 18.6 postal items per inhabitant.

Postal traffic shows a decrease of a seasonal nature in the third quarter of each year, as well as a downward annual trend (since 2008), resulting from increased substitution of postage by electronic communications.

Traffic included within the scope of the universal service represented 85.3% of postal traffic, declining 8.5% from the previous quarter and by 5% versus the same period of 2015.

Items distributed to the national market made up 95.9% of total items, while the remaining 4.1% of items were distributed to other countries.  About 79.6% of postal traffic comprised correspondence, 6.9% editorial mail and 8.4% direct mail. Postal parcels represented 5.2% of total traffic (0.3 percentage points more than in the previous quarter).

Grupo CTT had a 92.2% share of total postal traffic.

In 3Q2016, revenues from postal services totalled around 149.7 million euros, 4.9% less than reported in 3Q2015. Average revenue per item decreased by 2.4% versus the same period of 2015.

As at the end of 3Q2016, there were about 14,800 people employed in the operation of postal services in Portugal.  The number of employees increased by 0.7% compared to 3Q2015.

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